13 Jul 2015

On the eve of the day of Metallurgist LTD "Foundry RosALit celebrates its 10th anniversary. 

The year of jubilee was an occasion to sum up the first decade and to outline plans for further development. The company established new partners, introduced new production and management processes, developed new types of products. Today the company produces more than 300 kinds of castings weighing from 0.04 to 35.7 kg. kg, including automotive cylinder heads and 4-and 8-cylinder blocks cylinder pipe inlet, bodies of water and oil pumps, crankcases clutch and transmission, automotive pistons, valve covers, chain cover raspredelenie, brackets automobile air conditioners.

For 10 years the company has come a long way - from his first solo project to serial production of technologically complex parts of the head and cylinder block for FORD. This success was the result of a long-term strategy the company focused on the maximum satisfaction of requirements of consumers.

Today LLC "Foundry RosALit is a successful company with a known brand and good business reputation.